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The Spanish version of Jose Leonardo Leon complete analysis, Theretical, Historical,and Performance of Robert Spillman's Concerto for Bass Trombone has been published in two parts on the prestigious International Trombone online page Revista Española de Trombones

Temenos I—Faculty Artist Recital in March 2013 at the University of Miami Gusman Concert Hall Jose Leonardo Leon Premiered the Solo Version of Thomas Sleeper's re:Joyce for Bass Trombone at the Frost School of Music University of Miami. After the performance, the South Florida Classica Review wrote about it and it was fantastic!!! below the excerpt of the review. Excerpt:
"Re: Joyce, Opus B, a showpiece for bass trombone, is based on James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake, even including a drinking song from the novel in a central episode. The electronics that substituted for the orchestral part did not really do justice to the churning instrumental timbres. Still, you had to love the growls, muted wails and crackling roars Jose Leonardo Leon drew from the instrument, devilishly conceived by Sleeper. With a capital soloist like Leon and a full orchestra, this work could be a real crowd pleaser". By: Lawrence Budmen

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